Clipart for your dashboard

Adding react clipart graphic to your dashboard.

Featured image

Please remember

As always these blogs are my own opinions and thoughts. So as I am always looking to improve my universaldashboard skills I found these 618 amazing looking react graphics, and I thought these would look proper professional on a dashboard. If you are reading for the ride, lets get going.

I love the fact that as a user of powershell universaldashboard I have the opportunity to customize and add additional components to the product, to fit my requirements.

My problem

The dashboard pages I have constructed at work, I have have used images off of the internet to display a finance or sales image. However the problem is, consistency. It is hard to find a finance image that matches the same look and feel of the sales image. Then there is also the possibilty the website you are borrowing the image from, may cease hosting. Or move to a different website host, which then causes a change in the URL and the image stops displaying on your dashboard.

My solution

To fix the problem of not having to rely on images from the internet or search through numerous images on google or another internet image search site, I decided to use react-unDraw which I found here. This only had 1 dependency listed which I have used before which is the prop-types. I have mentioned in a previous blog on how to install this.

I looked at the brief documentation on the website on unDraw and ended up with the following JSX file

import React from "react";
import Undraw from "react-undraw";
class UDunDraw extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (

export default UDunDraw;

Then on the github page for this project it had all the illustrations listed in a markdown file. So I was able to get that list, and then use a powershell script to put it into an array list, to then pass into my powershell function to call this component from within universaldashboard

function New-UDunDraw {
        [string]$Id = (New-Guid).ToString(),
        [ValidateSet('3d-modeling', 'a-day-at-the-park', 'a-whole-year', 'about-me', 'about-us-page', 'accept-request', 'accept-terms', 'account', 'active-support', 'add-files', 'add-notes', 'add-to-cart', 'add-user', 'address', 'agreement', 'air-support', 'aircraft', 'airport', 'alert', 'algolia', 'alien-science', 'analysis', 'analytics', 'android', 'apartment-rent', 'app-installation', 'appreciation', 'around-the-world', 'art', 'art-lover', 'artificial-intelligence', 'artist', 'astronaut', 'at-work', 'authentication', 'autumn', 'awards', 'baby', 'back-in-the-day', 'back-to-school', 'balloons', 'barber', 'basketball', 'be-the-hero', 'beach', 'beer-celebration', 'before-dawn', 'begin-chat', 'bibliophile', 'birthday-cake', 'bitcoin', 'bitcoin-p2p', 'blank-canvas', 'blog-post', 'blogging', 'book-lover', 'booking', 'bookmarks', 'brainstorming', 'broadcast', 'browser-stats', 'buddies', 'buffer', 'bug-fixing', 'building', 'building-blocks', 'bus-stop', 'business-deal', 'business-plan', 'businessman', 'businesswoman', 'by-my-car', 'calculator', 'calendar', 'calling', 'campfire', 'camping', 'cancel', 'candidate', 'career-progress', 'cautious-dog', 'celebration', 'charts', 'chat', 'chatting', 'checking-boxes', 'checklist', 'chef', 'children', 'chilling', 'choice', 'choose', 'christmas-stocking', 'christmas-tree', 'circles', 'city-driver', 'city-girl', 'cloud-hosting', 'cloud-sync', 'co-workers', 'co-working', 'code-typing', 'coding', 'coffee-break', 'collaboration', 'collecting', 'collection', 'community', 'completed', 'compose-music', 'conference', 'conference-speaker', 'confirmation', 'confirmed', 'connected', 'connected-world', 'connecting-teams', 'contact-us', 'container-ship', 'contemplating', 'content', 'content-creator', 'contrast', 'control-panel', 'conversation', 'convert', 'country-side', 'couple', 'create', 'creation-process', 'creative-team', 'creative-thinking', 'creative-woman', 'creativity', 'credit-card', 'credit-card-payment', 'credit-card-payments', 'crypto-flowers', 'customer-survey', 'dark-alley', 'dark-analytics', 'dashboard', 'data', 'data-points', 'data-report', 'data-trends', 'deliveries', 'delivery', 'departing', 'depi', 'design-community', 'design-process', 'design-thinking', 'design-tools', 'designer', 'designer-girl', 'designer-life', 'destination', 'developer-activity', 'development', 'devices', 'digital-nomad', 'directions', 'discount', 'doctor', 'doctors', 'documents', 'dog-walking', 'doll-play', 'domain-names', 'done', 'download', 'dreamer', 'drone-delivery', 'drone-race', 'dua-lipa', 'easter-egg-hunt', 'eating-together', 'electric-car', 'elements', 'email-campaign', 'email-capture', 'emails', 'empty', 'envelope', 'environment', 'ether', 'ethereum', 'events', 'everyday-design', 'exams', 'experts', 'exploring', 'fall-is-coming', 'fans', 'fashion-blogging', 'fast-car', 'fast-loading', 'fatherhood', 'features-overview', 'feeling-blue', 'festivities', 'file-bundle', 'file-searching', 'files-sent', 'filing-system', 'filter', 'finance', 'financial-data', 'fingerprint', 'finish-line', 'fireworks', 'firmware', 'fish-bowl', 'fishing', 'fitness-tracker', 'floating', 'focus', 'folder', 'follow-me-drone', 'followers', 'following', 'for-sale', 'forever', 'forgot-password', 'freelancer', 'friendship', 'frozen-figure', 'game-day', 'gaming', 'gardening', 'gdpr', 'getting-coffee', 'gift', 'gift-card', 'gifts', 'girls-just-wanna-have-fun', 'goal', 'going-up', 'golden-gate-bridge', 'good-doggy', 'grades', 'graduation', 'grand-slam', 'grandma', 'group-chat', 'group-selfie', 'growing', 'growth-analytics', 'hamburger', 'hang-out', 'happy-2019', 'happy-birthday', 'happy-women-day', 'having-fun', 'healthy-habit', 'heartbroken', 'hello', 'high-five', 'hiking', 'hire', 'hiring', 'home-run', 'horror-movie', 'house-searching', 'houses', 'i-can-fly', 'image-folder', 'image-post', 'image-upload', 'images', 'in-love', 'in-progress', 'in-sync', 'in-the-office', 'in-the-pool', 'in-thought', 'inbox-cleanup', 'influencer', 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'together', 'toy-car', 'track-and-field', 'transfer-files', 'travel-booking', 'travelers', 'traveling', 'treasure', 'trip', 'true-friends', 'tweetstorm', 'typewriter', 'typing', 'unboxing', 'under-construction', 'update', 'upgrade', 'upload', 'upload-image', 'uploading', 'upvote', 'usability-testing', 'user-flow', 'vault', 'vehicle-sale', 'version-control', 'video-call', 'videographer', 'virtual-reality', 'visual-data', 'voice-control', 'vr-chat', 'walk-in-the-city', 'wall-post', 'wallet', 'warning', 'weather', 'weather-app', 'web-devices', 'website-setup', 'wedding', 'welcome', 'wind-turbine', 'window-shopping', 'windows', 'winners', 'winter-designer', 'winter-olympics', 'wireframing', 'wishes', 'wishlist', 'witch', 'woman', 'women-day', 'word-of-mouth', 'wordpress', 'work-chat', 'work-time', 'working', 'working-late', 'working-remotely', 'workout', 'world', 'xmas-surprise', 'yacht', 'young-and-happy', 'youtube-tutorial')]

    End {

            # The AssetID of the main JS File
            assetId      = $AssetId
            # Tell UD this is a plugin
            isPlugin     = $true
            # This ID must be the same as the one used in the JavaScript to register the control with UD
            type         = "UD-unDraw"
            # An ID is mandatory
            id           = $Id
            name         = $Name
            primaryColor = $Colour
            height       = $Height


Time to test

After building the component it is always a good time to test your component. So I loaded up a basic dashboard with the following in it

Import-Module UniversalDashboard.Community
Import-Module UniversalDashboard.UDUndraw
Import-Module UniversalDashboard.SyntaxHighlighter
Get-UDDashboard | Stop-UDDashboard
$theme = get-udtheme "DarkRounded"
$dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title "New-UDUnDraw" -theme $theme -Content {
    New-UDRow -Columns {
        New-UDColumn -Size 6 -Content {
            New-udcard -Content {
                New-UDSyntaxHighlighter -Language PowerShell -Style dark -Code "New-UDUnDraw -Name 'data' -Colour '#db4c40' -Height '300px'"
                New-UDUnDraw -Name "data" -Colour "#db4c40" -Height "300px"
                New-UDHeading -size 5 -text "Add some really cool looking graphics to your dashboard with ease." -Color "#fff"

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $dashboard -Port 10005

The other module I am importing here is one produced by Adam Driscoll. As the name of the module implies, this highlights and displays the code you have chosen to display. In my case I wanted to show the command I used to produce the graphic on the dashboard.


Here is only a few of the 618 images you can choose from should you download and install this module

placeholder placeholder placeholder


I hope you agree with me that these do look beautiful clipart like react graphics that you can now use on your powershell universaldashboard pages, I have now uploaded this module to the powershell gallery just search for psdevuk to see my UD component modules I uploaded there, this new universaldashboard component is also on the powershell universal dashboard marketplace site which I have links to in a previous blog. Thought these illustrations would be a great way to fill any blank space on your dashboard with a professional looking image, that is consistant in style with all of the other 618 illustrations included with this component.