Bringing A New Pivot Component

A brand new Excel style pivot table, but with a lot more tricks. Create amazing data results like a heat row pivot table in 5 simple mouse clicks.

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Trying to make up for lost time. As I was getting carried away developing new components and not having the time to write these blogs, as well as working a silly amount of over-time always looking to improve upon the skills I have and the skills I don’t have. As always being a sharing caring kind of guy I have released this component to the universal dashboard marketplace

Origin Of Component

A while back on the universaldashboard forum there was discussion on the grid that is available within universaldashboard. This started back in December 2019 on a discussion, and well I even commented about wanting to bring a Excel like pivot component to universaldashboard, as people at my workplace are more used to viewing data displayed in this type of format. This would then save me or the end-user from exporting the grid to CSV and opening it in Excel to get the desired results. So this is how this component came about. I found this awesome looking component that seemed to tick all the boxes for what I was after so I got converting this so that you could use it in universaldashboard

Tell me more…

So I figured it was time to step up my development game and actually start including some half decent readme files on the project page. I documented about this component the parameters how to pass the data you want displayed in the component and I even included a demo on this component. Really shocked this has not had more downloads as I personally feel this has been a massive game-changer for end-users at my company, enabling them to be able to create perfect looking pivot tables in 5 simple mouse clicks. It really is that easy. This works great on passing lots of data from SQL into the pivot component. I hope that you to will find a place for this component on you dashboard to display some data. An example of this component is shown below.



I know these blogs always seem to be on building new components, I personally think universaldashboard is the best thing since sliced bread and I do not have any beef with it. I purely develop all these components to try and make more people to want to either do the same or to start using powershell universaldashboard as the go to tool for designing and building totally amazing looking dashboards. I remember watching the custom component video Adam Driscoll did on youtube, and I still remember Adam mentioning that no-one seemed to be building components for his product. I have now personally published 40 different components to the universaldashboard marketplace, something I never saw myself doing when I first started using universaldashboard. This truely is some mind-blowing software that opens up so many different doors to how you can display your powershell scripts.